Free Java Book: Interactive Programming In Java

Interactive Programming In JavaInteractive Programming In Java 

by Lynn Andrea Stein

Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann Publishers 2003
ISBN/ASIN: 1558605924
ISBN-13: 9781558605923
Number of pages: 545


Interactive Programming is an introduction to computer programming intended for students in standard CS1 courses (or interested professionals) with no prior programming experience. It is the first textbook to rethink the traditional curriculum in light of the current interaction-based computer revolution. Students still learn the basic and necessary elements of computer programming and the Java language, but the context in which they learn it is more consistent both with Java's tools and philosophy and with the prevailing practice from which it arises.

Online in:

Part 1: Introduction to Interactive Program Design

Part 2: Entities and Interactions

Part 3: Refining Designs

Part 4: Refining Interactions

Part 5: Systems of Objects


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