Java Course

If you are starting in Java, we sugest the study in this following order:


01. The necessary to start programming: installing JDK and NetBeans
02. Creating the first program in Java
   2.1 Commented code of the first program - what Classes and Methods are
03. Printing on screen using print, println and printf
   3.1 Exercises about printing outputs
04. Comments and Delimiters
05. Numeric Types - byte, short, int, long, float and double
06. Getting user data: class Scanner
      Video lesson: How to use the Scanner Class
07. Math: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Division Rest (module) and operator precedence in Java
08. Comparisons: operators greater than (>), less than (<), greater equal (>=), less equal (<=), equal (==) and different (=)
09. Char type: storing and representing characters
10. Boolean type: the Base of Computer Logic
11. The logical operators and denial: && (AND), || (OR) and! (negation)

Loopings, Flux and Statements Control

01. How to use IF and ELSE: Testing and Controlling which will run
    Application: Say if you got straight approval, or have to do recovery test or failed
    Application: Determines the roots of a second degree equation
    Video lesson: Java Video lesson - How to use the conditional test IF ELSE
02. Questions about IF ELSE use
03. Math Operators Increment (++) and Decrement (--)
04. Assignment Operators: +=, -=, *=, /= and %=
05. Assignment operators and increment and decrement: differences between a=b++ and a=++b
06. The while loop: what it is, how to use and calculating AP and GP series with while
07. Infinite loop, controlling loops and loops with while statement
    7.1 Exercises about the while looping
08. Control Statement for: having better control over repetitions
    8.1 Exercises about control statement for
09. The do while loop: the control statement that always least once
10. The break and continue commands: interrupting and changing flows and loops
11. switch command: makind choices in Java
12. Problems involving control statement: if, else, while, for, do while and switch
      Exercise: Program that says how many days the month has
      Video lesson: using loop and control statements WHILE, FOR, DO WHILE and SWITCH

Game: How to program the Battleship game in Java

Object Orientation, Part I: Creating and declaring classes - Constructors

00. Introduction: Classes and Objects, what are they and for what they serve to
01. How to create a Class and declare an Objects in Java
02. Accessing and modifying variables from Classes and Objects
03. Default constructors and with parameters: what they are, what they are for and how to use
      Video lesson: Constructors

Methods in Java

01. The return statement:obtaining information from methods
      1.1 App: Simple menu using methods, loops and switch
02. Parameters and Arguments: passing information for methods
03. Math Class: constants, main methods and calling methods from other classes
      Game: Guess the number raffled by the computer
04. Method overloading: declaring methods with the same name
05. Varargs - passing a list of arguments, of any size, to a method
06. Exercises involving the use of Methods

Object Orientation, Part II: Setters and Getters - Composition - enum

Graphical Programming in Java, pt I: Dialog Boxes

00. Introduction
01. Displaying messages by dialog boxes
02. Getting user data through dialogs boxes
03. How to pass variables of type String to int, float and double
      3.1 Graphical Application: shows the roots of a quadratic equation in Java
04. Building your Java project into executable in NetBeans

Data Structures in Java: Array and ArrayList

00. Data Structures types in Java
01. Arrays in Java: how to declare, use and access its elements
02. The FOR loop for Arrays: the foreach loop
03. Multidimensional Array or Matrix: Array of arrays
      Video lesson: Arrays and Multidimensional Arrays
04. Arrays in Methods: parameter passing by value and by reference
05. Arrays Class: Learn how to handle (copy, sort, search and manipulate) Arrays

Graphics and Java 2D


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